Making Faces That Fit – REALLY!

Quite literally, we make faces to fit any promotion, advertising or social media campaign... in fact, our 'Imagined Reality' models are available for whatever event or campaign that you choose - and if you can't perfection - we'll create 'someone' especially for you!


Need that certain look? - Check out our Model Portfolio

Take Me There

Imagined Reality Realised

We’ve harnessed the skills of some of the World’s leading digital artists to create a portfolio of dynamic and exciting personalities, actors and models, complete down to the finest details, all available to work on your next project or advertising or social media campaign


So Many - Where do We Begin?

Some people call them Robots, others call them Avatars but whatever we choose to call them, its a fact - truly lifelike 'virtual people' are right here, right now.

They're appearing in magazine adverts, they're promoting cosmetics and even influencing the masses on social media platforms.

However, finding the right 'Face' has until now, been a bit of a hit and miss affair so that's where we at IRMAZ come in...

Each Model or Actor in our Portfolio has been carefully chosen for their looks and abilities - just browse our Portfolio and you'll see exactly what we mean!

Irma Zucker (CEO)

  • Looking for someone in particular?

    If one of our many faces don’t fit – we’ll create one that does – just ask

  • Sex? Yes, gender is not an issue for us!

    Our Portfolio currently includes people of all sexes, color and creed – and its expanding daily

  • What can your models and actors do?

    If a real person can do it, then so can our people – and then some!

  • Are your people for sale or for hire?

    Thankfully, slavery was abolished a long time ago so our people are only available to hire!