Its All About Us: Once Upon a Time...

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Isn't that how all good stories  begin? Well, we certainly hope so!

We're new and we've got some exciting and extremely radical ideas that are destined to impact on all our lives in the very near future - although on reflection, its happening now.. TODAY!

What are we talking about?

Robots, Virtual People, Avatars, Imagined Reality... call them what you will but its a fact; our lives are being influenced by people, celebrities, actors and characters that don't actually exist as flesh and blood. They are just highly skilled artistic creations (although, we'd debate the term 'highly skilled creation' for some of the characters we see out there!).

You may already be aware of the excitment that certain social media 'celebrities' are creating. Lil Miquela, Bermuda and Shudu Gram for example have amassed almost TWO MILLION folllowers between them. Their popularity has allowed them to promote leading fashion brands and even cosmetics!

The debate rages and their popularity continues to grow exponentially.

But love them or hate them, the 'robots' are here to stay!

Be Warned: The Are Taking Over!

So, where do you go to find carefully crafted, beautiful and interesting Robots, Avatars or Virtual People?

This is where we at IRMAZ.COM step in. But first, let's just get our name right; 'Irma Zee' - naturally, its named after me, Irma Zucker!

Ex-dancer, ex-model and now very ex-cited about our Imagined Reality Modelling Agency - a place where you can browse the creations of some of the World's finest digital artists and choose exactly the right 'look' for your next advertising, marketing or social media campaign, book cover, poster, music video or... whatever you can imagine.

Find out more below but whatever you do, please stay connected with me - I have some fantastic ideas, images and stories to share so follow me, Irma Z!

Irma Zucker

Who, What, Why and Where: And Who Really Cares?


IRMAZ is the the result of a business partnership between Irma Zucker and Phillip Jay, a leading Digital Artist renowned for creating photorealistic art. Visit his website at to see more of his work.

Phillip's art is widely exhibited and can be seen in galleries within the UK and throughout Europe. It's his skills and eye for detail that has given birth to many of the 'people' who feature in the IRMAZ Modelling Portfolio.

With a background in professional photography and imaging, Phillip finds his knowledge of lighting and composition invaluable in modelling truly lifelike characters and actors.

Each character is fashioned with a precise level of detail that allows them to be modelled and posed in ways that exactly mimic the human body. They can be clothed, positioned and even animated to work precisely to a client's brief - and they never argue, need to eat, throw tantrums or get tired!

Follow Phillip Jay's work by clicking his Social Media Links below


So WHY would you choose one of our Models or Actors?

Very Versatile

We’re multi-talented and can do anything a real person can do – and then some! We can act, dance, even fly if asked!

Ready To Work

We never get sick, we don’t complain and never tire when working. We stay fresh and never let our appearance slip

Adaptable Looks

We’re adaptable and can change our looks in an instant… skin colour, hair colour, body shape or size. YOU are in charge!

Love Fashion

Our in-house wardrobe is limitless but we’re more than happy to model a client’s unique product or clothing range

Fees Are Low

Compared to using a real human, our fees usually work out much lower – and we seldom ask for a raise!

Now WHERE is all this 'Virtual People' thing going?

As you can probaby imagine, the possibilities are endless.

The Popular Press is full of articles quoting example of how these imaginary personalities are influencing the masses on social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook.

They are promoting leading fashion brands and cosmetics and even appearing in music videos.

This is definitely the dawn of a new era and via the IRMAZ Modelling Agency, you can easily be a part of it!